How I Lost Thirty-five Pounds: Quick and Healthy

This regimen is a combination of my experiments through the years, along with input from my doctor and nutritioninst.

This worked for me because I put my mind to it. I made this my one single priority during the second half of 2020. I lost over forty (40) pounds between June and November, and have kept it off during the last three months.

Weight loss

I’ve been under 200 pounds since the beginning of November!

#1 - Foundation

Five small meals per day based on a 5 ounce portion of lean protein, with vegetables and salad.

Potato is not a vegetable. Neither is pasta. Neither is cooking oil.

#2 - The extra push

No stupid calories. Zero alcohol, zero sugar, zero refined flour. That includes ketchup and barbecue sauce. This also includes bread, rolls and crackers.

#3 - Balanced

Two servings of whole grains early in the day. Ezekiel toast or a half a cup of oatmeal for breakfast, and half a cup of rice for one of your earlier meals.

#4 - Balanced

Two servings of fruit early in the day. One with breakfast and one before dinner.

#5 - All-around

Take 5 fast 30 minute walks per week, like you’re late to work.

In practice

This is what a typical day of eating might look like.

Eggs, berries and toast.

Chicen, rice and greens.

Salmon, peppers and greens.

Shrimp, greens and salad.

Sirloin and spinach

This is a lot of good, clean food.

To be fair, these pictures are not all from the same day. I was not cooking these meals 5-times per day.

I would typically prepare food two or three times a week, and re-heat for most meals.


This is how I did it. I hope you find this helpful.