Software and computing have entered every part of our lives. This is particularly true in business, whether you work in an office, warehouse or assembly line, or from your home or your car.

Good Software

We all enjoy software that meets our needs. Software that is both visually and functionally appealing. Quality software for the user. Maintainable software for the engineer.

Developing Good Software

Software is not built, like a car. Nor is it constructed, like a house. It is developed, once concept at a time. A mix of science, art and craft. It's very easy to get started, and takes a lifetime to master.

Developing Good Software Well

It's not enough just to be able to use software. To excel in today's competitive market, user also need to conceive and create solutions. And they need to collaborate effectively, to see their concepts come to reality.

I've been professionally developing software since 1995.

The software world is constantly changing. It's also quite grounded on a foundation of principles established over 50 years ago. The business world is moving faster than ever before. Software is leading the charge. People — talented, movitivated, inspired people — make all of this possible.

This is where I reconcile paradoxes, strike a balance between competing forces, and share in what I am learning along the way.